The Deluxe Set (Rose gold, Marshmallow, Red)


The Deluxe Set (Rose gold, Marshmallow, Red)

Your at-home nail salon is now complete with our Sistaco Deluxe set! So easy to use with no skills required! Forget about nail salons +... Read More

Your at-home nail salon is now complete with our Sistaco Deluxe set! So easy to use with no skills required! Forget about nail salons + save time and MONEY while still getting that professional finish!

Your Sistaco Set is:
Quick & easy to use
Long wearing
Strengthening to nails
Simple & fast to remove

The Deluxe Set Includes:
1 x Marble LED Lamp 36W, with sidelights for 180º all-over setting, and two timer settings (press once for 60 seconds, press and hold for 120 seconds).
1 x 16-Free Base Coat (Bottle)
1 x 16-Free Top Coat (Bottle)
3 x Nail Colours (Rose Gold, Marshmallow, Red)
2 x Customise Your Colour Mixing Pots
1 x Mineral Bond Applicator
1 x Updated Marble and Rose Gold Luxurious Box
1 x Instructions Card
1 x FREE 15ml Bottle of Express Remover

Get ready to treat yourself to flawless nails in minutes!

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4 Reasons Why People Love Sistaco

Quick and Easy to Use

Our system is so simple and produces a perfect salon-quality finish every time - This is the system for all ages and experience levels. No dipping or drilling; just simply brush it on and remove easily whenever you want!


Your application will last you up to 2 weeks, often longer, protecting your nails and keeping them strong. As we’re the only nail system where you can mix your own colours, you’ll be getting creative and wanting to change sooner!


All of our products are non-toxic! They are also odour free so say goodbye to salon headaches or smelly dip kits. Sistaco is unique which is why we have hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Money Saving

Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year, you can do over 30 full manicures with a single pot. That’s one every 2 weeks for a YEAR! And with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3094 reviews
Cindee Andrade
Sistaco is amazing 💅

I was a nail tech for my entire life, at 2 years old I was given my 1st manicure set by Tinker Bell & I've loved all things nails since then. The colors have me obsessed 😍 these pics are freshly done & 2 weeks later. Tomorrow I get to redo them & I have no idea what color to pick. I've read all the reviews & how to information & I really was careful with the base & top coat not to touch the cuticle. I took my time & I am thrilled how they turned out. I also did my daughter's & she did her best friend's. 💯 % addicted!

Donna Davis
Beauty in pinks

I have really bad fibromyalgia and my hands shake and drop things all the time . I’m on a strict disability income called Aish in Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 and can’t afford pretty nails . My daughter is getting married and I thought that maybe I could do this by myself .. this was my first try . I could sit and get this done in about 35 mins . I will get more colours cause I’ll get bored 😐 with just pink but this is much easier for me to do at home . I’m going to try my toes maybe . Ty and God bless your company for helping someone like myself be independant . I will get a few more colours when I can . I like blues and greens . I can do nails in pain . That’s a great blessing .

Suzy Gronow
Love Sistaco

I was dubious as this system costs quite a lot in one go! I am now, however, hooked and I can't stop buying more colours! It's very simple to apply once you get going and I don't have to wait to get to an appointment at a nail salon! Love it x

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