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Super cute nails at home

Was nervous investing in this set wondering if it would meet my expectations and pleased to say it has. Super easy to use, more natural look than acrylics, but super cute. Wore first colour for a full week with zero chips, and started playing around with ombré for my second attempt. Found it a little bit tricky to get off. I might not have left the express remover on for long enough, and even gave the removal hub a go and didn’t seem to do much. May have to play around with the removal process a bit more
I do have some residual acrylic on my nails from removing them at home so it could be that- will see how I go working it out over time

Super impressed with how long lasting they are

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Jacqueline Warnock
New to Sistaco

I've done my nails twice so far. Very easy to do and remove.


I love Sistaco sooooo much!
Finally a nail system which is actually good for my nails and extremely easy to use.
My manicure is changed weekly as im not allowed painted nails at work.
Sistaco allows me to change as often as i want without the cost or hassel.
The dusting brush is so nice to use..super soft, it brushes excess powder of nicely.
I sat with my best friend today, i did my nails as we made icecream and she wrote down the colours of mine she had to have.
I love it .... can you tell?

Sistaco....making memories!

Dual Applicator
Janet Ashcroft

Love this nail system it's fantastic, duo applicators are perfect for the job.

Love Sistaco

This photo is my nails after three weeks! I’ve tried numerous at-home solutions from press on nails to other gel kits , but nothing really worked as well Sistaco. Easy quick and long lasting and looks beautiful. Love it love it. Love it. If you’re tired of paying exorbitant salon, face and sitting in someone’s chair for two hours, try it you’ll love it.

Loving it!

I have always had problems having my nails done at 8 salon because they would get messed up within the 1st 10 minutes of leaving.
I was pleasantly surprised and excited by the Sistaco.
This was my 1st attempt at putting it on, it went on smoothly just like the directions, and now I'm one week out and no gouges, no chips!
I am excited to see how it comes off of the nail, and looking forward to using more of my colors!
Thanks for a great product, and I will be ordering more soon.


This system is so easy and colors are so bendable.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Suzanne Bingham

I've been doing my own nails my whole life. Regular polish, gel nails (always damaged my nails) then on to dip nails (time consuming application and removal) polygel (big fail) and then sistaco. This system is by far the easiest nail system I've ever tried with nearly perfect results. The end result is thin, shiny and smooth. I've only done one manicure because I wanted to see how long I could go without chips or peeling. I just hit the 2 week mark and my nails still look perfect! I cannot wait to try another color! The sistaco application was so so easy. My nails were very damaged from gel and dip removals. I had waited 3 months to let my nails heal before trying sistaco. As a flight attendant my nails take a beating opening metal atlases all day. But again - no chips. I could not be happier.
Suzanne Bingham-58
Wearing Black Pearl

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Shanna Glover
Fast and Easy !!

Super fast and easy process, I just have to brush up on my polishing skills (ie keep it off my cuticles) but that’s my fault not the product

So easy - so quick and lasts

I was unsure for ages - but this system is easy, efficient and cost effective.
Treat yourself…..

First time!

Needs a bit of practice, but I’m pleased with my first attempt with Classic Espresso. Kudos to you for excellent instructions. Fantastic shine too. ❤️

Sistaco mineral nail system

This is 1 week in and still looks perfect. Super fast and easy to use. This was my first time using. I’m looking fwd to trying the other colors in my set. Loving it so far!

I'm impressed!

Was worried this system was going to be fiddly to do, but was pleasantly surprised. I'm not that practiced at doing my own nails, but this just glides on! A little on the messy side, powder likes to try to escape lol, but still very quick and resistant! Definitely plan on getting more colours when I can afford to!

Great for busy and/or impatient people.

This was my first application a week ago. It’s been exactly what I wanted. I needed something with quick application and an even faster drying time that would last longer than three days so it was worth the effort. Paying to have my nails done regularly isn’t an option so I have tried several things and this is the one I’m sticking with.

Worth every dollar

This product is so gorgeous and absolutely worth the cost. Saves so much money, time and is so much fun. Surprisingly doing it yourself is quicker than getting them done!

Easy to use et I love it.


Extremely easy to do and very pleased with outcome

Gorgeous Elixir!❤️

The Elixir not only smells divine but has really helped moisten my cuticles and the area around 🥰 ten out of ten!

Shines beautifully!

Very easy and user friendly to use!
I’m receiving many compliments! Can’t be wait to try the other shades I got!

Where have you been all my life!

Sistaco is amazing iam so impressed with how my nails have turned out love all the colours they have to choose ( flamingo is to die for😍 )
I can't stop looking at my nails, iam a full time mum and never thought I'd be able to get nice salon looking nails until i discover Sistaco!
Absolutely obsessed I'll be ordering more :)

Love. This. Stuff.

I am a nail polish junkie. Love gel and dipped from the salons but hate the price and wear and tear on my nails. Sistaco is amazing! Love that it isn’t like cement to take off too. Am hooked for sure!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Linda Sandwell

Just love Sistaco. Fast easy and fun. This picture does not give flamingo any justice love this Color.

Peanut - Metallic
Anja Taylor
Review from alice springs

Just love Sistaco..... I only need 30 ish colours and I'll have the whole range... just love it

Great product

Second purchase from Sistaco - so easy to use, colours are beautiful. Really liking this product, worth the purchase.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Yulianah Gray
Amazing product!

I ordered Ultimate Set on Boxing Day sale. It arrived about 2 weeks. I applied Starry Night. It was a week ago since my first application. No chipping or cracking. Love it!

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