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Caramel - Classique

Latte - Holographique

Guimauve - Classique

Café - Classique

Expresso - Classique

Galaxie Rose - Classique

Ballerine - Classique

Orchidée - Classique

Blush - Métallisé

Pink Shatter - Holographique

Sucette - Classique

Cuivre - Métallisé

Pain d'épice - Classique

Sépia - Classique

Cacahuète - Métallisé

Sirop - Métallisé

Ritz - Holographique

Cerise - Classique

Rouge - Métallisé

Sunshade - Classic

Rubis - Métallisé

Valentine - Holographic

Désert - Classique

Honey - Classic

Automne - Classique

Pérou - Holographique

Champagne - Classique

Jonquille - Classique

Doré - Holographique

Bronze - Classique

Iris - Classique

Océanie - Classique

Pervenche - Métallisé

Confettis - Métallisé

Lilas - Classique

Boysenberry - Classique

Violet Royal - Métallisé

Apple - Classic

Écume - Classique

Sauge - Classique

Trèfle - Métallisé

Emerald City - Holographique

Dark Violet - Classic

Turquoise - Holographique

Glycine - Holographique

Pale Green - Classic

Sea Green - Classic

Dark Cyan - Classic

Aqua - Classique

Ocean Rush - Holographique

Sarcelle - Métallisé

Électrique - Holographique

Tanzanite - Classique

Minuit - Classique

Marine - Classique

Ultramarine - Classic

Cobalt - Métallisé

Arctique - Métallisé

Satiné - Classique

Blanc Glacé - Classique

Platine - Holographique

Ombre - Classique

Perle noire - Classique

Obsidienne - Classique

Universe - Holographic

Corbeau - Métallisé


  • €104.50
  • €85
Les possibilités sont infinies avec 6 couleurs ! Appliquez vos couleurs une à la fois ou si vous vous sentez aventureux, n'hésitez pas à mélanger et personnaliser votre couleur.
Le pack de 6 poudres comprend : 
  • 6 x poudres à ongles dans la couleur de votre choix
  • 1 x applicateur double GRATUIT







Holographic Range
Aluminium Pigments, Magnesium Fluoride, Synthetic Resin. May Contain +/- (CI 77491, CI77492, CI 77499), (CI 16035), (CI 42090), (CI 19140),(CI 77288), (CI 77007) (CI 15850), (CI 15850), (CI77861) (CI 77742), (CI 47005) (CI 15850), (CI 14700)


Metallic Range 
Aluminium Alloy, Sphalerite Mineral, Epoxy Resin. May Contain +/- (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), (CI 16035), (CI 42090), (CI19140), (CI 77288), (CI 77007) (CI 15850), (CI 15850),(CI 77861) (CI 77742), (CI 47005) (CI 15850), (CI14700) Golden dye, Blue, Red, White, Violet.

Classic range 

Silica Quartz, Titanium white, Phyllosilicate Minerals. May Contain +/- (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), (CI 16035),(CI 42090),(CI 19140), (CI 77288), (CI 77007)(CI 15850), (CI 15850), (CI 77861) (CI 77742), (CI 47005) (CI 15850), (CI 14700)

4 Reasons Why People Love Sistaco

Quick and Easy to Use

Our system is so simple and produces a perfect salon-quality finish every time - This is the system for all ages and experience levels. No dipping or drilling; just simply brush it on and remove easily whenever you want!


Your application will last you up to 2 weeks, often longer, protecting your nails and keeping them strong. As we’re the only nail system where you can mix your own colours, you’ll be getting creative and wanting to change sooner!


All of our products are non-toxic! They are also odour free so say goodbye to salon headaches or smelly dip kits. Sistaco is unique which is why we have hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Money Saving

Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year, you can do over 30 full manicures with a single pot. That’s one every 2 weeks for a YEAR! And with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.


Customer Reviews

Based on 258 reviews
Belinda Gibson
6 powder set

I love the range of colours and applications with Sistaco. Application is easy and fun and lasts me 3 weeks until I need to change because of grow out at cuticles.
The 6 pack of colours is great value and also comes with free applicator.
I highly recommend Sistaco

April L
Salon quality

I’m so excited to find this system! It’s so easy to use and gives you salon quality coverage and color. This color is Strawberry in classic.

Believe the Hype

I have bought many things over the years that did not live up to the hype around the product but I am a ☆sucker☆ for a fresh, beautiful manicure. I'm super pleased to say Sistaco does not disappoint and really does live up to its promises.

Soon after receiving my kit and trying out a couple of the colors I was online ordering 6 more colors. One of the biggest benefits to me is that my nails are not damaged in the least when I remove my color. They look healthy and natural enough to go bare in between manicures when I choose to.

I'm very hard on my hands, I raise saltwater fish and do stained glass plus type for a living. My hands are constantly in a fish tank or cutting/grinding glass. Sistaco really has exceeded my expectations and has given me the ability to have a great home manicure experience.


Just love this system. Easy to use, beautiful colours, brilliant service

Gail Selvano
Best Nail System Ever

I have never done my nails for the longest time. Im a busy working mom. So barely any me time. Then i came across Sistaco online. The colours are so beautiful! Was intrigued, ordered an ultimate set, then another set of powders, then another… and then another in less than a month. Im hooked! the process of applying to your nails is so fast and easy. It doesnt have any smell whatsover. I love it! Plus it lasts a long time on my nails! I love this just waiting for the restocking of the colours i want then i will order more. Thank you Sistaco!

Alison Wills
Brilliant 6 colour pack

Totally hooked! Having bought the six colour starter pack this was the ideal way to widen my range of colours.
Absolutely love the Sistaco system and am enjoying experimenting with it. Now waiting on my next order of colours

Yvonne Jakeman
What's not to love

Been using for a month now. Love the colours, and how easy it is to do your own nails without liquid polish or dipping. Have done three sets, each lasting two weeks. Have yet to experiment with different effects, but I'm sure I'll get there. Although shipping is from Australia, the parcels only take two weeks so even that is impressive. Am really pleased I took a chance on this system. What's not to love ❤️

Candy Chittenden
Amazing product!

I love this system, so easy compared to polishes. My nails have never looked as good or grown as long.


Bought the signature set for a Christmas gift for my daughter and not only has she fell in love with it so have I. I have never worn nail polish or had my nails done before and I absolutely love the colours and how easy it is to put on. No smell whatsoever, long lasting and have fallen in love with it. I will have to replenish my daughter’s colours from using it just as much as she is 🤣🤣.

Joy Weizel
Incredible Product

The first few times I applied this product my nail tips chipped in the first few days. I sent an inquiry and a customer service rep provided detailed instructions. I followed the procedures and am absolutely astonished at how long my manicure has lasted so far. It has been 10 days and not one nail is chipping or wearing away. In all my days of nail polish (probably in excess of 50) I have never had this success, ever. Your product is amazing and I love, love, love my nails. They are stronger and beautiful and every time I look at them them, I smile. Thank you for this fantastic system💜💜