Elixir pour les Ongles au Lys

Sistaco Nail Elixir est une formule nourrissante qui prend intensément soin de vos ongles et de vos cuticules.Pourquoi utiliser l'Elixir Stimule la croissance des ongles... Read More
Sistaco Nail Elixir est une formule nourrissante qui prend intensément soin de vos ongles et de vos cuticules.

Pourquoi utiliser l'Elixir
  • Stimule la croissance des ongles
  • Maintient les ongles et les cuticules hydratés
  • Améliore la santé et l'apparence des ongles et bien plus encore...
comment s'inscrire
L'Elixir est présenté dans un flacon à bille facile à utiliser et peut être appliqué quotidiennement. Roulez simplement l'élixir sur les cuticules et massez les ongles et les cuticules.
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Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Parfum

Finally I have strong nails that get compliments. Sistaco is the system that I have been searching for; something quick and requires no skills to apply

Quick and Easy to Use

Our system is so simple and produces a perfect salon-quality finish every time - This is the system for all ages and experience levels. No dipping or drilling; just simply brush it on and remove easily whenever you want!


Your application will last you up to 2 weeks, often longer, protecting your nails and keeping them strong. As we’re the only nail system where you can mix your own colours, you’ll be getting creative and wanting to change sooner!


All of our products are non-toxic! They are also odour free so say goodbye to salon headaches or smelly dip kits. Sistaco is unique which is why we have hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Money Saving

Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year, you can do over 30 full manicures with a single pot. That’s one every 2 weeks for a YEAR! And with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Debbie Smith
Lily elixir

Wonderful product, use it at least twice a day and my nails have improved massively since July. Thanks Sistaco

Vicky M
Lily Nail Elixir

I loved my first bottle of elixir so much, I will make sure I always have one on hand. I use it twice a day and it has helped my cuticles from being so dry…they were horrible! Thank you Sistaco for being my go to.

Angela H
Lily nail elixir

Love all of the elixirs, great for my nails and cuticles. They smell wonderful!

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