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‘’I am disabled and not able to use nail polish as I suffer from tremors in my hands. Also with cost and mobility issues, nail salons are out too. The Sistaco Mineral Bond System is so easy that even I can use it! I love the range of colours and finishes. Don't hesitate. You will LOVE it!’’


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Brand Story

Sistaco Mineral Bond was born from a (sometimes creative) mother and daughter team that like doing things differently. Deciding nail polish just didn’t ‘cut it’ as its messy and takes too long. Not finding enough time to walk the dog, far less go to a salon and frustrated with the associated natural nail damaged, we developed the concept (like many good ideas) in the home.

The ‘who are we’ comes in the form of 2 passionate women that love empowering others. Sistaco is more than just a brand, it inspires confidence through our community, and seeing individuals from all over the world come together in the Sistaco Collective Facebook group always warms our hearts.

Frequently Asked Question

Sistaco is mineral based,100% vegan, non-toxic and 16-free!

SNS or Dipping powder is made of ground plastic and is actually not a true powder at all. The base formulation to adhere the 'dipping powder' is similar to a Super/Crazy Glue and has fundamentally the same components. Sistaco Powders however are a true powder that is Mineral based.

If you are looking for a safer option for nail care, Sistaco is what you need.

100% dry nails in 60 seconds! Say goodbye to smudges and blowing on your nails for 30 minutes! We know your pain, that’s why we created a system that literally dries in 60 seconds after you set it.

If properly applied it can last up to 3 weeks, so follow our handy quick, easy nail guide that comes with your set and you too can have nails that endure heavy gardening, cleaning, construction + so much more. For those of you who are excited to change your colour more frequently OR you can’t wear products to work, we even have a short wear method so you don’t have to miss out on your weekends and for events!

If you have short nails and would love for them to grow or if your nails are very weak and damaged, then with sistaco you can absolutely improve the quality of your nails. In a month or 2, you’ll see how strong and hard your nails are.

Yes, absolutely! Sistaco can be applied on your natural nails as well as on top of other nail products

Yes, it is. We use a LED lamp that emits negligible amounts of UVA, it’s basically like a simple walk in the sunshine.

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