French tips is a vintage favourite and always an eye-catcher. It first gained popularity in the 70s. It's now 2020 and French tips is still the reigning top nail trend. It is a classic go-to manicure for its pristine and minimalist look.

With the Sistaco nail system, we make French tips manicure so breathtaking with the use of our Satin nail powder. It's super quick and easy to do with aesthetically pleasing results!

How to achieve the classic French tips? Simply apply the base coats on the tips and set under the lamp for 60 seconds. Using the brush end of the applicator, apply Satin nail powder on the tips. Run your finger over the powder on your nails to get rid of the excess. Finally, cover the whole nail with a gloss top coat and set under the lamp for another 60 seconds. The result is a flawless french tips with a gorgeous shine. Beautiful nails achieved in less than 5 minutes!