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Powders Deb’s Peru-pink-fall-tastic

I as excited to get the last set. I loved the mix that Deb created but decided to use the pink shatter first as I just loved the sparkle and decided to do a fade ombré with rose gold. I tend to think of ideas the week before I do a mani. I Loved it. 🥰 I have already got Deb’s mix ready for my next mani in the little container purchased which will be in two days . Can’t wait.

Starry Night - Classic
Christine Myers
Starry Night

Love Sistaco system so easy to use. Starry Night is very sparkly and one of my favorites.


I love this colour so much, it is my go to colour.

Simple and quick!

My favourite part of Sistaco is the fact that they are ready in just a few minutes. And fully dried and hard! No smudges or worrying about chips and dents in newly painted nails. Colours are verypretty and there are many to choose from!

Flamingo - Holographic
Rochelle Osgar

So many compliments and I have been wearing it for a week. I love them. Can't wait to try my others!

Summer Trio

The trio of colour choices is unbelievably priced, they arrived quickly for the UK and I received my choice of summery colours. The colour shown is flamingo which is absolutely stunning, especially when the light hits it.

Love this stuff!!

I had my first order for a few weeks and couldn't help but order more colors. I'm getting the hang of the process to make my manicures last a long time and my nails are so strong! I often break nails, but have only broken a nail a few times since my first mani.
The colors are amazing! This nail system is my new favorite thing!

Caramel - Classic
Tracey Mitchell
So Easy and Long Lasting

Bought this month ago and mixed it with Peru for a difference. Outcome was great would definately reccommend

Love love love this system

Have been looking at the nail system for a while. Finally took the plunge and oh my goodness it is amazing. Gorgeous colours and so easy to do, buy it you will not be disappointed

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Natalie Collins

I have never been able to do my own nails. It took me a few practices to get it right. I’m did struggle with your applicator so bought a nail brush on Amazon. So much better. I bought neutral colours to get it right. Now that I have it will save me a lot of money.

Just do it! AMAZING!

Wow just wow. Easy, fun, fast, beautiful and the best addiction EVER! YES it's a long wait to get it if you are in the US but so worth the wait. The possibilities are absolutely endless! So many colors you can make from only a few colors. My advice would be choose some light colors with dark when you order. That way you can make so many more color combinations by mixing them. You can't do that with nail polish!

I started doing my own nails during the pandemic after 20 years of salon nails. I managed to do ok for a while but the dry time and messing up and all that just got too much for me so I let my nails go naked for a long time. And of course not only hated my hands without it but couldn't grow them at all. So about 6 weeks before I found Sistaco I went to a salon and got S&S which I had done for years. But this time I wasn't thrilled. After a good while with nothing on my nails the thickness of it all just wasn't comfortable. And after just ONE S & S application I am still months later dealing with the effects of the sanding and grinding down on my nail beds they do. You can still see the line it caused in the nail which is still about two more months from growing out completely. NO MORE GRINDING is the point here. With Sistaco there is none of that. You can take care of your nails without any grinding or harsh chemicals. My nails have never been healthier since stopping the S & S and now finding Sistaco I have the beautiful feeling back I get when my nails look pretty. It's just not the same feeling without my pretty nails. Even at my young age of 66! Makes all the difference in how I feel that day. I can't thank Sistaco enough. Really a game changer not only for me and my nails but my wallet! NO MORE SALONS needed for my hands. It's seriously the best addiction ever but in the end you really do save money if you are use to paying a salon! And if you do them yourself the cost of this product is no different than buying polish in my opinion.

But be careful. The addiction is REAL! But what a FUN addiction that saves me money. Their FB community group is an amazing group of women making women feel great about their pretty hands. LOVE IT but when you see all the gorgeous colors you will buy more! LOL I'm all in and can't wait to do my nails again. It's so FUN to do too.

Ok this is the longest review I have ever given on anything. I don't do a lot of reviews but on this I just HAD TO! If you read this far. Just DO IT! What do you have to lose? Try a starter kit at least. I've never seen anything like it and for me it's changed how I feel every day! I can't wait to spend more time playing with all the colors. And I look forward to my newest order arriving. :) Hope this helps make your decision to try it.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
melissee heldreth
It's great

I absolutely love it! It's super easy and fast! It takes some practice to get it on with out getting it everywhere though. I love the shine and sparkle. The only thing that could make it better is to include some alcohol wipes or skin protectant for the area around your nails! Other than that it's fabulous and easy!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Donna Meredith
Love itttt!!!!

Absolutely stunning colours, super easy to use... definitely worth the wait!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Cindee Andrade
Sistaco is amazing 💅

I was a nail tech for my entire life, at 2 years old I was given my 1st manicure set by Tinker Bell & I've loved all things nails since then. The colors have me obsessed 😍 these pics are freshly done & 2 weeks later. Tomorrow I get to redo them & I have no idea what color to pick. I've read all the reviews & how to information & I really was careful with the base & top coat not to touch the cuticle. I took my time & I am thrilled how they turned out. I also did my daughter's & she did her best friend's. 💯 % addicted!

Fantastic nail system

I did a lot of research into Sistaco nail system as it looked too good to be true. I was wrong, it is amazing! At the time of ordering a couple of the colours I wanted were out of stock so I had to wait a bit longer but it was well worth the wait. So easy to apply and long lasting. I have had my first attempt on for almost 2 weeks now, no chipping or discolouration. My nails also seem stronger and the feel great. I would highly recommend buying from Sistaco.

Beauty in pinks

I have really bad fibromyalgia and my hands shake and drop things all the time . I’m on a strict disability income called Aish in Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 and can’t afford pretty nails . My daughter is getting married and I thought that maybe I could do this by myself .. this was my first try . I could sit and get this done in about 35 mins . I will get more colours cause I’ll get bored 😐 with just pink but this is much easier for me to do at home . I’m going to try my toes maybe . Ty and God bless your company for helping someone like myself be independant . I will get a few more colours when I can . I like blues and greens . I can do nails in pain . That’s a great blessing .

Love Sistaco

I was dubious as this system costs quite a lot in one go! I am now, however, hooked and I can't stop buying more colours! It's very simple to apply once you get going and I don't have to wait to get to an appointment at a nail salon! Love it x

Fantastic product!

Although it did take a while to get here to the UK from Australia, it was most definitely worth the wait! The kit is great quality and allows you to express yourself through your nails. The ombré effect I have done in the photo is my very first attempt and it took maybe 20 mins while I checked the instructions etc. These products are also toxin free which is important to me. Worth every penny!

Violet Sky - Holographic
Angelina Edejer

I love that it easy to apply and is absolutely gorgeous. I received so many compliments.

Absolutely Amazing Products!!!

I have been totally stunned with this nail system. Not only is it exactly as advertised, it’s better! It is easy (even for a first timer) & the results are just WOW! My “test” of the product was going to be 1) how easy is it to remove and 2) what condition are my nails in once the product is removed. Imagine my surprise - it took me about 10-15 minutes to remove the product (1 base coat, 2 coats of color & a total of 3 coats of top coat). To my astonishment, my nails were actually in better shape after I removed the product. I gave them a break of a few hours, with a pretty good coat of lotion, then promptly redid my nails. I’m really hard on my hands/nails. I play both piano & organ, 2-3 hours per day & I’ve never had any chips. This system is a winner, in fact, my 3rd order is in process 😉. If anyone is on the fence about ordering, DO IT! You won’t regret it. BTW, the Sistaco Collective Group on Facebook is also amazing. What a wonderfully supportive group of women from all over the world - BONUS: all of the tips and tricks for all the products are pretty ingenious. In case you have any doubt, I am a fan 🤩

Absolutely love it

I am absolutely in love with the sistaco mineral bond nail set. It was just as easy to apply as they say it is. It is also beautiful as it is shown to be. When I finally got my set I rushed home to try it & it took me 15mins to do a complete set. I also work as a housekeeper at a 5 star resort so I am never able to keep nail polish on longer than a day tops. I am very pleased to say that my nails have lasted 2weeks before I had to reapply. This to me was amazing considering how hard the cleaners are on my nails as well as the constant scrubbing. This was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I give it 5 stars without a second thought

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Julie Viloria

I really love everything about the set. The colors I choose were beautiful, very easy to apply and looks amazing

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Tiffany Stewart
Better than gel and dip!!!!

Through the pandemic I learned how to do my own nails. Used the gel system and the dip system that you can get off of Amazon. Took a few tries and I was able to master it. But this system…I absolutely love and was able to figure it the first time!!! No smells, hardly any waste of product and it stays on way longer! I would give 10 stars if hat was an option!!!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Joanne Tierney
Sistaco nails

An honest review, I love how easy they are to do. But and I haven’t given up. They haven’t lasted a week. One hand completely peeled after three days and the other has started after a week. What I do like, is I ca. repair or redo within minutes. I did one finger just before bed and that my friend you can’t do with nailpolish

I received my deluxe set a couple of weeks ago and I love how easy this system is to apply to my nails they are very weak from years of doing gel nails and I hope Sistaco will help to strengthen my nails and there are so many colours to choose I'm spoilt for choice
Thank you Sistaco for coming into my life and saving my nails

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