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Amazing Nail System

This is a great product, and so quick and easy to use. The choice of colours are fantastic and the finished results look so good friends can’t believe they were not done in a nail salon


I have been so impressed by the nail system. My first manicure has lasted 12 days and counting! I am a nurse and wash my hands and clean frequently. My manicure still looks great after almost 2 weeks. The picture below is from day 12. So far, so good! I'm anxious to see the state of my nails when I remove the color. Other polishes and gels destroy my nails, so I'm hoping that this 16 free formula will keep my nails healthy and pretty!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Clair Gornall
Absolutely love this product

First time using this and found it so easy to apply. I’ve just removed it after having it on for 2 weeks and it hasn’t chipped once. Only removed as I’m desperate to try another colour.


I love this system, too many beautiful colours. I’ve placed 3 orders in a month 🤣

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Catherine Valvasori

This is a great fun product. I love how easy to apply, long wear, and NO DRYING TIME!!! totally worth it and I very highly recommend. One of the best online purchases I have made. I just wish i had more hands to try out more colours and combinations at a time!


Having never used this type of nail polish before the first time I did them was not very good but the second time they are fabulous. I’m sure the more I do them the quicker it will get.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Elaine Parrock
Happy bunny

I am very rarely tempted by FB advertising but could not resist SISTACO. I like having nice nails as to me it is part of being feminine and is just good grooming. I enjoy using the product and think it is a good one for applying one self. It is also fun being part of a FB community and I have learned a lot from the many helpful tips the Sista’s share on line.

Latte - Holographic
Rachel Baker
All the sparkles

I paired Latte with flamingo here, because i couldn't decide which to wear first really. Beautiful colour, very delicate and completely in your face with tasteful sparkles all at the same time. I like it with one coat.


Fall - Classic
Karen Breckon

Love the colour ❤️ So easy to apply.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Melanie Dexter
Love my new Sistaco system!

I love love love my nails!! The Sistaco system is simple and most importantly ODORLESS!! My nails are beautiful and the process was relatively quick. I can’t wait to add more colors to my collection!

Considered purchase

Considered purchase as it's not cheap but all reviews I read were spot on. It is a versatile system which allows you to use your own creativity or follow instructions for wonderful results. Easy to do first time but definitely can get better with practice and the Facebook group are so helpful with tips and photos. Really addictive, love it.

What's not to love

Been using for a month now. Love the colours, and how easy it is to do your own nails without liquid polish or dipping. Have done three sets, each lasting two weeks. Have yet to experiment with different effects, but I'm sure I'll get there. Although shipping is from Australia, the parcels only take two weeks so even that is impressive. Am really pleased I took a chance on this system. What's not to love ❤️

Sangria - Classic
Corrina MrsC.Nicholson
As Good as it says

This is obviously not Sangria! This is Emerald City. I ordered a top coat, remover and Sangria, then a full set the next day! I have since ordered another 3 colours. This is only my second application. It’s the best nail system I’ve used, and the colours so far are lovely. It protects my nails while I’m at work. Removal is a doddle. Buy it!!!

The Ultimate Set
Anne MacGregor
Super Happy

Ive been a nail biter and never had either long or painted nails. No time for a salon either. I watched all the videos and a couple of tutorials online and decided to give this system a go. This picture is my 3rd attempt. Getting better and learning each time. Flaminog is def a favourite. I was a bit conservative with my first colour choices. Ive just ordered some more bolder colours. Lots of support via the Sistaco Collective FB page. Ive now got a new hobby as well as lovely nails which are growing nicely. Whats not to like.

Very good.

Video with a thin layer and photo with a thicker layer.

Easy & great result

Use thin coats of base & top coat, don’t rush it and hey presto great salon quality nails!

The Ultimate Set
Rowena Wragg
The Ultimate Set

I used some of my Christmas money to buy the Ultimate Set. I had seen some reviews online & decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. It only took 2 weeks to arrive, not bad as it came from Australia to the UK.
It's just as easy to apply as it looked in the video.
I got 6 colours with my kit and will be ordering more. I think I could get addicted.
The first time I used it I did all my nails in one go, the next time I did one hand at a time, this made it a bit easier.
It lasted for 2 weeks and was still OK but I wanted to change the colour.
I got lots of compliments from people saying how lovely the colour was.
I am going to go and order some more colours now.
One very happy customer
Regards Rowena
from the UK.

Perfect Pink

I love this system which allows you to do your own nails with salon quality. I love every shade of pink. Taffy is my absolute favorite.


I always used to have perfect nails but as arthritis ravaged my hands I stopped taking pride in them. Now sistaco has given me the incentive to grow and paint my nails once more

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Chrystal Ulrich
Absolutely love Sistaco!

I’ve recently discovered Sistaco and it’s like nothing else I’ve tried. It doesn’t damage my nails and the colors are absolutely stunning!!!
I’m already a huge fan of Sistaco and would definitely recommend it!❤️


Love it recommend it highly 💕

Super cute nails at home

Was nervous investing in this set wondering if it would meet my expectations and pleased to say it has. Super easy to use, more natural look than acrylics, but super cute. Wore first colour for a full week with zero chips, and started playing around with ombré for my second attempt. Found it a little bit tricky to get off. I might not have left the express remover on for long enough, and even gave the removal hub a go and didn’t seem to do much. May have to play around with the removal process a bit more
I do have some residual acrylic on my nails from removing them at home so it could be that- will see how I go working it out over time

Super impressed with how long lasting they are

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Jacqueline Warnock
New to Sistaco

I've done my nails twice so far. Very easy to do and remove.

Retractable Dusting Brush
Angela Johnson

I love Sistaco sooooo much!
Finally a nail system which is actually good for my nails and extremely easy to use.
My manicure is changed weekly as im not allowed painted nails at work.
Sistaco allows me to change as often as i want without the cost or hassel.
The dusting brush is so nice to use..super soft, it brushes excess powder of nicely.
I sat with my best friend today, i did my nails as we made icecream and she wrote down the colours of mine she had to have.
I love it .... can you tell?

Sistaco....making memories!

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