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Rose Gold è una delle nostre tonalità più popolari! Questo colore è perfetto per le amanti dei colori neutri che vogliono farsi notare e possono... Read More
Rose Gold è una delle nostre tonalità più popolari! Questo colore è perfetto per le amanti dei colori neutri che vogliono farsi notare e possono essere indossate ovunque.

Le nostre polveri per unghie vengono applicate spazzolando la polvere sull'unghia per ottenere risultati sorprendenti in pochi minuti. La nostra formulazione 16 free significa anche che non danneggerai le tue unghie nel processo in quanto non contiene le sostanze chimiche nocive che si trovano nella maggior parte dei prodotti per unghie. Abbina questo colore in polvere per unghie con il nostro Set di Polvere per Unghie Deluxe per risultati sorprendenti di qualità da salone di bellezza ma nel comfort di casa tua.

Peso: 0,75 g

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Isobutylphenoxy Epoxy Resin, Aluminum Powder, Acrylate Copolymer, May Contain +/- Iron Oxides, FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1, D&C Green 5, Manganese Violet, Silver


4 Reasons Why People Love Sistaco

Quick and Easy to Use

Our system is so simple and produces a perfect salon-quality finish every time - This is the system for all ages and experience levels. No dipping or drilling; just simply brush it on and remove easily whenever you want!


Your application will last you up to 2 weeks, often longer, protecting your nails and keeping them strong. As we’re the only nail system where you can mix your own colours, you’ll be getting creative and wanting to change sooner!


All of our products are non-toxic! They are also odour free so say goodbye to salon headaches or smelly dip kits. Sistaco is unique which is why we have hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Money Saving

Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year, you can do over 30 full manicures with a single pot. That’s one every 2 weeks for a YEAR! And with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.

No Dipping Or Drilling Here. Simply Brush It On!


Customer Reviews

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Easy to apply. Beautiful. So sparkly in the sun.

Krystal GS

Rose Gold is absolutely stunning, the shine and reaction to the sun are beautiful and it’s so easy to apply! Very happy ♥️

Christine Horne
The Best Nail System Ever !

I am a fairly new customer and Rose Gold was in my 3rd order in 2 months . The colour is fabulous and I’m well and truly hooked . The results are stunning and I’m a little obsessed with my orders , just waiting for order No 4 !! Saving myself a fortune in Nail Salon fees too 👍

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