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Loving the new pastels , a different way to apply but still easy to do. I used Pink Whisper and Berry bliss

Brilliant Nails !!

Love these sustainable nails , they lasted all of my 10 day holiday in Malaysia . Swimming twice a day and using sun cream they still stayed on ! Would recommend them with no hesitation 😊

Absolutely wonderful

So easy to use & long lasting

Nail salon quality

This system would have to be the best on the market. Easy to use, long lasting no smells can do a mani in the comfort of your own home and your nails look salon quality. Quick and easy system to use iv been using this system for 7mths and im always happy with the end results

5 star experience and time spend with my daughter.

My daughter and I loved the nail experience! It was so easy to use and looked amazing!

Love the product

I love Sistaco. Been using for a couple years and love it. I get compliments all the time about my nails. A couple pic.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Staysie Baltazar
Love this product!

I love how easy it is to apply! I don’t have to worry about staying on the nail when applying the color! So fast, so easy and save so much time and money! The express remover is a must have.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Terry Hendrickson
Love almost everything about it

Great colors. Pretty easy to apply, lasts 10 days, economical, nails are strong when wearing and it Doesn't make my nails weak. It’s a chore to remove though. Have been continuously using for 5 mo now.

Amazing product

I love this product. It is so easy to apply. My nails are stronger and they are growing. I get so many compliments on my nails now.

Rust - Classic
Joy Weizel
Wonderful, beautiful and easy💜

Love this product. I have problems with nail polish chipping and peeling after a day. Although I only get a week or 10 days from a mani, I love my nails so much. I also bought a system for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. Thank you Sistaco 💜💜

Classy color, easy to apply

I'm a busy professional and mom. I am absolutely loving Sistaco. I apply Sunday night, it takes me 15 minutes total and is set immediately. It lasts me all week with no chipping (as long as I apply enough top coat). I remove Saturday, treat my nails, and apply a new color Sunday night.

I am a "no maintenance" person (tomboy with only brothers- never learned hair, nails, makeup beyond the bare basics) so if I can do it, anyone can.

My nails look professionally done and very healthy. I look like I invest time and $$ in myself with what is actually a very minimum investment.

Trying Classic Coffee this week. It looks great on my skin tone (ivory-ish), and will pair nicely with my navy suits. Classy, understated with a little shine and sparkle.

The best vanity investment

Ordered my first set with 6 different colors.And I absolutely love this product!I love all of the vibrant colors. The only challenge I have is removing is not as easy as it looks on the videos. I bought a nail drama to help take off the top layer of Polish before I use the nail remover Polish and it helped out a lot better.

I’m so happy that I tried Sistaco!

Unleash your inner artist with Sistaco's packs of 3 or 6! Having the ability to hand-select your colours puts you in control of your manicures, making sure that they perfectly complement your own personal style. Wish so many shades and finishes to choose from, this amazing system has my highest endorsement!

Precision Magnifier
Kathy Felton

Wish I had ordered it sooner. My success improved greatly.

Azure - Metallic
Meagan Briggs

This color became an instant favorite!! So memorizing 🤩 The metallic shine never dissapoints!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Miranda Biley

I love my Sistaco products! I’m very glad I finally purchased them. They’re very easy to apply. My manis have lasted two weeks or more and my nails have gotten stronger and recovered from my previous use of dip powders.

Sistaco Love.

I absolutely love this product.❤️

Love my nail system

I love this system so much. My hubby hate the traditional smell that comes from doing my nails with regular gel. Now he doesn't even know that I am doing my nails. So if you are sensitive to harmful smells of the regular polish, try this system. You will fall in love with it, like me!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Judith Grieco
Sistaco products

I love the Sistaco products. I am now on my 4th? Order. I am waiting impatiently for my next order to arrive. I have shared this product with friends and people that I run into. Now for sure 3 or 4 people have made orders from Sistaco. I have made plans to get together with a few of my friends and have a mani time.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Denise I Hoffman
Does it replace nail polish spas

I am still new. Using this is getting easier but I still have a hard time getting it perfect. Does it replace nail polish spas? To me, yes. I don't have to take time out of my days to go to the spa for someone to do my nails because it is so easy. Once I get the hang of this, I will have my nails done in no time for special occasions. They are easy to change colors at a moments notice. Thanks for recommending this to your clients.


HANDS DOWN BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET!! Love how easy it is to apply and looks gorgeous every time.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Jillian Jones

I love the kit and colors!! I have bought many more since then,

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Ronda Stepler
I'm in love with Sistaco!!!

I love this product! It is so easy to use and no waiting for nails to dry. That's the part I always have problems with. The colors are beautiful and did I mention it's so easy to use! I would highly recommend this product to everyone!

Love this system

These colors are so beautiful

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Delia Sanchez Lange
Love love

I had seen Sistaco on my Facebook feed for a while. I asked my husband to buy my Deluxe set and I have enjoyed everything! I have also placed several orders since then.

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