Click to Choose Your 6 Colours

Tawny - Clásico

Caramel - Clásico

Latte - Holográfico

Marshmallow - Clásico

Coffee - Clásico

Salmon - Clásico

Cosmos - Clásico

Espresso - Clásico

Ophelia - Clásico

Pink Galaxy - Clásico

Rose Gold - Holográfico

Ballerina - Clásico

Blossom - Clásico

Bloom - Clásico

Orchid - Clásico

Bohemian - Clásico

Blush - Metálico

Flamingo - Holográfico

Nude Pink - Clásico

Hibiscus - Metálico

Pink Sherbet - Clásico

Kaleidoscope - Holográfico

Bubblegum - Clásico

Taffy - Clásico

Lipstick - Clásico

Mulberry - Clásico

Lollipop - Clásico

Watermelon - Clásico

Strawberry - Clásico

Copper - Metálico

Gingerbread - Clásico

Mocha - Clásico

Sepia - Clásico

Peanut - Metálico

Syrup - Metálico

Scarlet - Clásico

Ritz - Holográfico

Red - Metálico

Sangria - Clásico

Sunshade - Classic

Ruby - Metálico

Wine - Clásico

Sunset - Clásico

Desert - Clásico

Honey - Classic

Rust - Clásico

Coral - Clásico

Firefly - Clásico

Peach - Clásico

Burnt Orange - Clásico

Fall - Clásico

Peru - Holográfico

Champagne - Clásico

Daffodil - Clásico

Gilded - Holográfico

Bronze - Clásico

Iris - Clásico

Fuchsia - Metálico

Ultraviolet - Clásico

Confetti - Metálico

Lavender - Clásico

Lilac - Clásico

Cielo Violeta - Holográfico

Boysenberry - Clásico

Royal Purple - Metálico

Apple - Classic

Seafoam - Clásico

Forest Green - Clásico

Shamrock - Metálico

Emerald City - Holográfica

Marina Mist -Clásico

Dark Violet - Classic

Turquoise - Holográfico

Wisteria - Holográfica

Pale Green - Classic

Sea Green - Classic

Dark Cyan - Classic

Sky - Clásico

Aqua - Clásico

Ocean Rush - Holográfico

Teal - Metálico

Electric - Holográfico

Tanzanite - Clásico

Midnight - Clásico

Navy - Clásico

Ultramarine - Classic

Cobalt - Metálico

Artic - Metálico

Sapphire - Metálico

Satin - Clásico

Quartz - Clásico

Sand - Clásico

Winter - Clásico

Ice White - Clásico

Platinum - Holográfico

Sterling - Holográfica

Stone - Clásico

Starry Night - Clásico

Shadow - Clásico

Black Pearl - Clásico

Universe - Holographic

Raven - Metálico

El Set Definitivo (Elige 6 colores) + REMOVEDOR GRATIS


¡El Set Definitivo tiene todo lo que necesitas para comenzar tu viaje Sistaco! Con nuestra lámpara LED de 36 W, la Base y Capa Superior reformuladas de 16 libres y el Aplicador Mineral Bond, ¡estarás lista para probar todos los colores de la colección Sistaco!

El Set Definitivo incluye:
1 x lámpara LED Mármol de 36 W, con luces laterales para un ajuste total de 180º y dos ajustes de temporizador (pulsar una vez para 60 segundos, mantener pulsado para 120 segundos).
1 Capa Base libre de 16 (Botella)
1 Capa Superior sin 16 (botella)
6 x Colores para Uñas en Cualquier Color de tu elección
2 x Personaliza tus Botes de Mezcla de Colores
1 aplicador Mineral Bond.
1 Caja De Lujo Mármol y Oro Rosa Actualizada.
1 Tarjeta de Instrucciones.
1Botella de 15 ml GRATIS de Removedor Express

¡Siéntate, relájate y disfruta de la experiencia del salón en casa!








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      Top Coat Acrylates Copolymer, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Pentaerythritol, Dimethicone Base coat Acrylates Copolymer, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Hydroxycyclohexyl phenyl ketone, BHT, Dimethicone Remover Alcohol, Aqua, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Ethyl Acetate, Tocopheryl acetate, Acetone, Isopropyl myristate, C.I. Acid Red 33, Pigment White 6 Holographic Range Aluminium Pigments, Magnesium Fluoride, Synthetic Resin. May Contain +/- (CI 77491, CI77492, CI 77499), (CI 16035), (CI 42090), (CI 19140),(CI 77288), (CI 77007) (CI 15850), (CI 15850), (CI77861) (CI 77742), (CI 47005) (CI 15850), (CI 14700) Metallic Range Aluminium Alloy, Sphalerite Mineral, Epoxy Resin. May Contain +/- (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), (CI 16035), (CI 42090), (CI19140), (CI 77288), (CI 77007) (CI 15850), (CI 15850),(CI 77861) (CI 77742), (CI 47005) (CI 15850), (CI14700) Golden dye, Blue, Red, White, Violet. Classic range Silica Quartz, Titanium white, Phyllosilicate Minerals. May Contain +/- (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), (CI 16035),(CI 42090),(CI 19140), (CI 77288), (CI 77007)(CI 15850), (CI 15850), (CI 77861) (CI 77742), (CI 47005) (CI 15850), (CI 14700)


      NUESTRO SISTEMA ES ÚNICO: El sistema Sistaco Mineral Bond es la única gama de polvos para uñas con base mineral que se ofrece y que simplemente se aplica con brocha. Con cientos de colores disponibles, este no es un polvo de inmersión (que está hecho de partículas de plástico finamente molidas) y puede mezclar sus polvos para hacer sus propios tonos.

      ACABADO PROFESIONAL: Consigue un aspecto profesional de forma rápida y sencilla en la comodidad de tu hogar. ¡No vas a creer lo fácil que es esto!

      DE LARGA DURACIÓN: Nuestro sistema dura hasta 2 semanas e incluso si se daña, simplemente puede recargar sin quitarlo por completo. Ese es el beneficio de un sistema de polvo mineral.

      AHORRO DE DINERO: Seamos realistas, es difícil encontrar el tiempo y el dinero para ir a un salón continuamente. Nuestro sistema le ahorrará miles de dólares durante el año y con tantos tonos en nuestra gama, nunca se aburrirá.

      VEGANO: Nuestros fundadores son veganos, por lo que Sistaco no recomienda el uso de ningún subproducto animal en nuestras formulaciones.


      Libre de crueldad

      No tóxico

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      16 Gratis

      Soporte 24/7


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1034 reviews
      Anne MacGregor
      Super Happy

      Ive been a nail biter and never had either long or painted nails. No time for a salon either. I watched all the videos and a couple of tutorials online and decided to give this system a go. This picture is my 3rd attempt. Getting better and learning each time. Flaminog is def a favourite. I was a bit conservative with my first colour choices. Ive just ordered some more bolder colours. Lots of support via the Sistaco Collective FB page. Ive now got a new hobby as well as lovely nails which are growing nicely. Whats not to like.

      Rowena Wragg
      The Ultimate Set

      I used some of my Christmas money to buy the Ultimate Set. I had seen some reviews online & decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. It only took 2 weeks to arrive, not bad as it came from Australia to the UK.
      It's just as easy to apply as it looked in the video.
      I got 6 colours with my kit and will be ordering more. I think I could get addicted.
      The first time I used it I did all my nails in one go, the next time I did one hand at a time, this made it a bit easier.
      It lasted for 2 weeks and was still OK but I wanted to change the colour.
      I got lots of compliments from people saying how lovely the colour was.
      I am going to go and order some more colours now.
      One very happy customer
      Regards Rowena
      from the UK.

      My new addiction!

      Beware, 6 colours won’t be enough, you will want to collect them all! Very easy to use and lasts better than polish, follow the Facebook group for excellent tips and inspiration. My only criticism is the ultimate set should have more applicators included (only comes with one) and a nail tool for removal. You will want to add these if you are starting out. Lots of different application methods to choose from to give different effects and powders can be blended. Gives a very professional look from an amateur.

      Kim Newton
      So far so good

      Have only used Sangria so far, application 1st go was a bit messy, but will improve. Today is day 4 and still looking good

      Love it!

      I got the ultimate set and so far very impressed. It is quick and easy to do and love that the nails are set and ready to go after application.
      Looks like it was done professionally. I did my nails 2 weeks ago tomorrow aqua colour (pic taken today). They have lasted dance events in open toe shoes , a beach day and still going. I haven't tried removing yet although tempted so I can try all the beautiful colours that came with my set.

      Tyler Hilderbrandt
      Really enjoys it!

      I bought this for my wife. She really enjoys it. She thinks needs practice but is so far loving it, see photo for super first time application. I think it's an amazing idea for whoever, they get to apply there own nail product. The way they want. When they ask who does your nails, just say Sistaco!

      Easy, messy with so-so customer service

      I would give this product 5 stars except for customer service.

      The product is very easy to use. Those folks that are struggling, I'm not sure why. If you follow the instructions everything works as it should. I followed the long wear holographic instructions and did a splotchy marble effect in about 30 minutes. Its my first application so I don't have long wear feedback just yet.

      I knocked one star off for customer service and the pckaging for shipping. I bought the ultimate kit and a few extras (applicators, mixing pots, etc.). One of the polishes arrived open and spilled on everything. Customer service won't replace and gave a silly 10% discount to make up for it. Not sure why I paid for postal insurance if insurance didn't protect my shipment from damage.

      The shipping packages have been terrible for my initial and second orders. The kit arrived in a non-padded, loose plastic envelope. The second order I placed included a nail pedestal. The pedestal is heavy marble and the lid is a cheap aluminum. The lid was dented and and edge of the marble is sharp like its chipped. It was wrapped in a thin piece of bubble wrap and was also shipped in a thin, non-padded plastic envelope. I'm sure the chip and dent are from shipping.

      Joelle Belletrutti
      Great Product

      I would definitely recommend this nail system. I change my colour every weekend only because I feel like a change. It definitely lasts longer though. And it’s very durable. I have never had a dent or chip. I have a tremor so it takes me a little while to do it carefully but I still love it. My only complaint would be that I would like more colour options that are not sparkly. Delivery from Australia to Vancouver, Canada only took about 10 days. I am a middle-senior teacher and am very rough with my nails but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. My students keep complimenting me on my nails!

      Cindy Slaight
      Amazing Powder

      I love Sistaco nail powder! It's so easy to put on and take off! I used to hate doing my nails, but now I love it! The colors amazing also! Thank you, Sistaco!

      Kate G
      So easy and quality finish

      So pleased, I won’t be going to a salon anymore. Easier to do yourself than gels and not as damaging for your nails!
      Love all the colours and will be buying more!
      Only issue was the delivery took 3 weeks to the UK with the current postal strikes and delays. Doesn’t take away from the product but one to keep in mind.