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Coffee - Classic
Tammy Henry
Great color for short nails

This was the perfect color for my short nails! I’ve never had nails unless they were put on in a salon. Now thanks to Sistaco I have my own nails! I feel more confident now about my appearance. I always felt like women looked at my stubby nails. They are growing with this amazing system and now I’m even thinking about trying darker colors! I also love that this is non-toxic and that’s probably why my nails are more healthy and growing stronger everyday! Thanks Sistaco!

Loving Sistaco

The colors of Mineral Powders I have are so beautiful. I can do my nails any color anytime I want. The system is easier with every application. So glad I purchased Sistaco ❤️ Cerise is color in photo 🩷

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Sherry Machado
Love this nail system

I have really enjoyed using Sistaco. My nails are paper thin and peel really bad. Since I started using it, they have grown so much without any breakage at all. I have been pleasantly surprised at how long it lasts too! My first time with the halo it lasted two weeks. The second time, 2 1/2 weeks. The third time I did my first hombre and it's been 1 1/2 weeks and I am getting ready to change again... I am so happy that I took the plunge!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Tracy Brylinski
Best Nail System!

I bought this for my daughter as a gift. I already had the system. I loved to do my nails but nothing stayed on. I get bwtn a week to 10 days which is truly amazing! My daughter tried my system and loved it! She came to my house every week to do her nails. I had to buy her own system. She is very happy to have her own Sistaco system! We both love Sistaco! Color in pic is Tinkerbelle, 3 coats (see through with less coats)and have had a for 8 days so far.

Lipstick - Classic
Vanessa Flannigan
Lipstick Classic

Love this colour, very pretty will definitely be using again. Thanks Sistaco 🥰


The colours in this amoule are gorgeous, were easy to apply. I am absolutely delighted!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Lynette Hickson
Love It!!

I was on the fence about buying this. I had all the thoughts of it can’t be that easy!! It won’t stay on!! I use to get my nails done and got tired of always going and spending so much time and money. My husband was like just but it, if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work I took the plunge!! I’m now 3 orders in and love it!! I can never get regular polish to stay on and this does!! I now have my mom addicted to it. Every time I go see her she will ask are you going to do my nails today? She has Alzheimer’s but she sure remembers getting her nails done and picking out colors. I have added a picture of her showing my dad her beautiful nails.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Susan Osborne
Love my Sistico!!

Absolutely love playing with colors from Sistaco!

A Product That Has Lifted My Spirits!

I love this product. Using traditional nail polish is so frustrating. All the work and ends up with sheet imprints overnight or chips almost immediately. Sistaco is easy to use and be creative with and it has a beautiful finish in just a few minutes that lasts. My nails are getting stronger and using Sistaco lifts my spirits all week long looking at the lovely results.

Latte - Holographic
Katherine Angeli
Love Sistaco but not Latte color for me

I absolutely love Sistaco. Latte is not the color that I think looks good with my skin tone. I do plan to mix it with some of my other colors and see what happens. I’m sure it will be beautiful mixed with darker shade


Hi y’all! My only issue with this product is I waited too long to order?!! LOL
I started seeing ads around December 2023 but I have gone through so many types of nail products over my life that I just didn’t want to dive in again.
Now I’m excited to do my nails and love the easy process and removal.
Don’t hesitate like I did!

Gorgeous addition for a special event!

Love the sustainable nails to put on for a day or night out, and that they are reusable. I haven’t yet mastered keeping them on for more than a couple days, but I like that they are easy to apply and easy to remove.

Love it!

I never was able to grow my nails before. Now with a beautiful double coating, they are long, stronger and beautiful! Instead of hiding my hands I love to show them off!!

Arctic - Metallic
Heather Lindgren
Love love

Another brilliant colour in my collection!

Almond Shaped Sustainables

Love Almond shaped I have Salmon wish there was more Colors in Almond Shaped Sustainables like Oval and Square


So easy to apply and the colours are so pretty! I now have a good little collection of colours. My favourite is the flamingo holographic!

Finally got it to last more than a few days.

I bought several pots of color and am trying them one by one. I’m using the plum one and it turned out to be a glaze and it looks opalescent to me. Its lasting. I put it on with regular method. Base coat,cure, color, top body, and cute. I always cute using two times for each hand. This time I was able to keep the color off my skin, except for one hand but it’s my right hand that goes the worse job cause I’m right handed but both hands are getting better.

For a very “cherry” red

A cherry red if there ever was one. Mine is shiny because I used the traditional top coat. It’s a true matte if you use the matte coat. Lasted nearly two weeks.

Addicted to sistaco

I totally love Sistaco and the Sistaco products. Every time I think I have enough. Something else catches my eye. For instance the color wisteria that perfectly matches my golf skort.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Claire Consoli
Love it!!

I love this system! The colors are incredible and it’s very easy to use if you follow the instructions. The Facebook group is also very helpful. I love it so much, I redo my nails every week even though it would last at least 3 weeks. If you’re thinking about jumping on the sistaco bandwagon- DO IT!!

Love Sistaco!

I have been using Sistaco for about four months. My nails were damaged due to wearing acrylics for about twenty years off and on. My nails are getting stronger since using the mineral powder. I wish I was better at the application process. I love that I can do my nails myself and can save the money I spent at the nail salon. This is a pic of my latest mani which is Ocean Rush

I'm addicted!

I absolutely LOVE this color. It has become my new favorite. It's flirty and fun and very eye catching. I haven't even tried the other color I got that day. I will be ordering more

Love the little ampoules!

Colors never really translate well in pictures, so having these sample kits let me try on colors I might never have purchased. All ready making plans to buy some full size powders. I also find using the sponge applicator gives me better control and coverage, but it barely fits in the ampoule opening. Also, there's a funny cone/funnel on the bottoms of the colors that pick up the powder below. Makes it so I can't mix and match the colors I want to swap with a friend.
I'm having fun learning the application and I'm getting better! The picture is Peony and I'm not sure it's a good color for me, but this is my fourth Sistaco manicure. The other is Rose Gold with Ruby accent nail. (Rather daring for me!) Looking forward to trying more colors!

Happy Sis

I'm really happy with the Sistaco system.
There were teething problems, and I still find the colours a bit of a drama to remove - mainly the darker colours because they stain the skin around the cuticle if I'm not quick enough. But in saying that, I enjoy doing my nails now and get a lot of compliments. People ask all the time who I got to do them and they are always interested when I tell them about the brand.
The light mauve in the pic is my own mixed colour and my accent nail is straight up Valentine.

Back up stock relieves anxiety

I always try to use up everything before getting a new one, but I learned that with photo sensitive products like there, sometimes you need to open a new one! My top coat was getting thick and the base had gotten cloudy. Since I live in the US, it takes awhile to get products from Australia so my sister (who is also a Sista) and I decided to order extra clear coats so that we never suffer the anxiety of running out. We both love Sistaco and can’t wait for new product launches.

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